Beyonce and Rihanna in a Denim Style Clash

A Denim Story

Denim is without a doubt a thriving trend, as proven by Beyonce and Rihanna’s recent (and hopefully) unintentional style clash. The two hottest women in the game rocking the same look? I’m sold! I love how Beyonce, who was recently criticized by a NY Times writer for her lack of style, is timely and efficiently stepping out of her comfort zone. Needless to say Beyonce does have style; she just isn’t a walking billboard for top designers like a Kim Kardashian or Rihanna. Bey knows what works for her — sexy, curve-flattering pieces — and she stays comfortably within those elements. Meanwhile, Rihanna just owned this look. I applaud Beyonce for trying. Whose look do you prefer?


On another note, if I had an extra $541 just sitting freely in my bank account, then I know exactly what I would spend it on — today, at least.


Denim-Stiletto-PumpsI live for a good heel. As a woman on the shorter side (I’m 5’6), and with slightly large feet (I wear a 10), I think these light-washed denim pumps from L’inde Palais will definitely put you in the winner’s circle. The shape is sophisticated and the denim fabric lends a little edge. You can wear these with a hot all white summer look. Get them here.

Photos: @LoveBScott

Quoted: Jada Pinkett Smith On Keeping a Strong Marriage

In two years, Jada Pinkett Smith will have been married to her hunky BFF, Will for two entire decades. That’s a whole lot of loving by Hollywood’s standards. While doing press at the TCA’s for her new FOX series “Gotham,” the actress of course shared her wisdom on fighting the good fight.

“Your partner has to be your best, best, friend. And he’s my best friend.” “You have to have kind of a warrior mentality. You have to be a solider for love. You have to be able to withstand tough times and just because the tough times come doesn’t mean it’s time to stop… it means it’s time to dig in.”


If I’m Still Single in My 40s

It appears I’ve entered that age bracket where all of my peers have laced up their sneakers in efforts to race to the altar. All my good girlfriends are shopping for wedding gowns and keenly editing down invite lists, and I’m just sitting around waiting for the third season of “Orange Is the New Black.” My brother and my closest cousin are both engaged, and I haven’t been in a legit serious relationship since high school. Even my mother said she doesn’t think I’m the “marriage type,” whatever that is. But all good though. I think I know my own type. I’m going to date around, but mostly stay single throughout my 30s. I may have a kid, but the actual father attachment figure will be optional. Then all of a sudden BOOM! When I’m 42ish, you’ll see me still slim and trim from maintaining my low-child-bearing-figure, with a hunky, gray-haired fox strutting down Miami Beach. That’s right, I’m totally going to be Sofia Vergara and my fox will be Joe Manganiello. You jealous or nah?

But on a serious note, how hot are these two as a couple? When I downloaded this photo flames shot through the back of my computer screen. They’re just so chill and unfazed by the current Hollywood baby boom and engagement trend. Sofia’s batteries died in her biological clock a long time ago and she doesn’t care what time it is. Who knows if their love will last? It’s just good still being hot in your 40s, and having someone to be hot with.

Are you married or in a serious relationship? Or maybe single just like me? Let me here your thoughts below.

Photo Credit: @PopSugar, @DailyMail