Regina King says I have 15 more years of shameless short-skirt-wearing and I believe her

According to my calculations (my calculations being this flaw-free photo of Regina King that I found on Tumblr), there’s really no rush. I’d like to personally thank you, Regina King, for smacking me out of my depressive panic that’s telling me I won’t have enough time to do all the things I want to do. It is false. Regina King is 45 and I am 30. Take that, anxiety.

There’s no rush.


I still have time to experience all the joys and pains of pregnancy and the privilege of becoming a mom. I still have time to achieve that set of abs that has haunted my dreams for months. I still have time to take that weeklong vacation to France. But, most importantly, I still have time to rock really teeny-tiny clothes. The heydays of many fashion trends have come and gone without my participation due to fear. My thighs are “too jiggly” and being over the age of 25 automatically forces me into the conservative club. I have love handles and I can forget about putting my size D’s into a backless anything.

At least, that’s what I thought until I saw this Regina King picture. This photo definitely tells me otherwise.

There’s also that deep v and nearly booty-baring dress Kerry Washington wore to the Oscars. She’s a mom, a 39-year-old one at that, and she killlllllllled it.

Age be damned.

In a world that’s constantly judging and reinforcing the fallacy that I’m not good enough, this show of confidence is so necessary.

Stay tuned for me in my romper et al.

NYFW: Banana Republic x Timo Weiland S/S 2016


So I went to New York Fashion Week and played fashion blogger for a day. I haven’t been on the scene in years, but attending the Timo Weiland x Banana Republic Spring/Summer 2016 presentation (a partnership created in conjunction with CFDA) was a bit nostalgic. I don’t miss traveling from Brooklyn to Manhattan at the crack of dawn in heels just to get to a show. Oh yeah, I also don’t miss struggling to find an outlet or solid wi-fi to get my review submitted before the day’s deadline. Nevertheless, this post isn’t about a past blogger’s fashion week stories from hell.

When I found out Timo Weiland was teaming up with Banana Republic I freaked out. Timo was one of the first designers I ever had the pleasure of viewing during NYFW some years back —and I still remember the vivid patterns and the structured pieces that each made its own unique statement. Banana Republic has been around for years, and still they find new ways to innovate and keep the label fresh without doing too much. Adding TW (the trio of designers are Timo Weiland, Donna Kang, and Alan Eckstein) to the lineup definitely contributes to the fashion giant’s running theme. The colors popped and most of the pieces transition well from day to night. I didn’t get around to the men’s side because #crowd #champagne #hor’dourves, but from what I could view from a distance, the collection is pretty decent for guys as well.

Beyonce’s Met Gala 2015 Dress Was All About Hoisting Her Feminist Power

An unstoppable force, a freak of nature, superhuman, and at this point in the game, Queen Bey really doesn’t give a f*ck. The press (dressed to the nines, leaned on the barricades in painful heels) waited two long hours after the biggest stars including Reese Witherspoon, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lawrence made it up the red carpet coated staircase at the 2015 Met Gala exhibit, themed China: Through the Looking Glass, on Monday, May 4.

If you thought Beyonce’s MET Gala 2015 red carpet look was all about being naked, then you totally missed the point.

Just when hope for a Beyonce sighting appeared to be a lost cause the supreme diva announced her own arrival with high quality pictures via her Instagram account. Sorry reporters and photo agencies, Beyonce just stole your thunder once again. She did eventually decided to trek and pose on the stairs, showcasing her extremely sheer custom Givenchy gown with cautiously placed multi-colored jewels. Forget about the dress for one second because Beyonce’s body in itself is worthy of all the headlines. Queen Bey’s attendance was all about breaking the rules (i.e. Anna Wintour’s social media selfie ban), while showcasing her earnest dedication to loving her mind, body, and spirit. She didn’t pose in a matter that suggested fear or coyness.

Bey went bold. She glared at the photographer’s pit with passion and though wearing little clothes she remained confident in that presentation. Not even Kim Kardashian — a woman who is naked nearly every 3-4 months — couldn’t pull of a stunt like that with such ease. Though she tried, she took clear inspiration from the whimsical and sultry feel of Beyonce’s 2014 MET Gala dress, which explains the copycat version Kardashian donned in white designed by Roberto Cavalli.

The Beyonce of 2015 is not the 18-year-old we once knew. She’s a mother, a superstar, a CEO, a wife, and worth $500 million dollars. She brings her own to every table and makes no apologies for her accomplishments. She should be an inspiration for all women. Those suffering from Beyonce fatigue should probably run to a doctor to see about a prescription, because she has at least 15-20 more years of reigning to do.